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Fully Managed Social Media Ads

The Sherpa advertising platform is an industry leader in optimizing social media advertising, offered as fully-managed service for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LINE advertising. Mission to develop Sherpa is to deliver measurable results, leveraging each social platform’s native features and further enhancing it with its proprietary technologies to effectively manage social advertising on a large scale. Sherpa is currently trusted by hundreds of clients, including some of the world’s largest brands.


Facebook / Instagram

  • Scale large campaigns optimized for all of Facebook ads objectives
  • Improve CTR result by “Campaign Conversion lookalike Audience (CCLA)” of Sherpa than traditional lookalike and custom audiences
  • Easily identifies the best performing combination via heat-map reporting
  • Allows to set KPI for each campaign and gives an alert when missed KPI


  • Create and share your own audience libraries tailored to your brand’s
    objectives and Twitter targeting options
  • Advertisers are able to refresh tweets via Sherpa, it’s called Promo Tweets Refresh (PTR). To keep exposure, PTR is retweeting same ads
  • Allows to set KPI for each campaign and gives an alert when missed KPI


  • Time based reporting

Search Optimisation

Our Proprietary Search Optimisation Tool provides enhanced capabilities that can generate more keywords and improve your keyword strategy. Key features include automatic and manual optimization of bidding prices to achieve better ROI with customizable auto reports for effortless and effective keyword analysis and planning.


AudienceOne® is one of Japan’s largest proprietary data management platform (DMP), developed by D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC). It develops audience intelligence and builds specific audience segments for the targeted marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to know more about AudienceOne®, email us at connect@i-dacasia.com or contact any of our offices nearest to you.

Key features of AudienceOne®:

  • Visualization of demographic information
    Visualize clustered audience data by age, gender, residence and work location. Targeting ad delivery based on the clustered audience data is possible.
  • User analysis based on keywords
    Visualize searched words, search activities on various sites, lifestyles and preferences of visitors.
  • Collaboration with ad serving solutions
    The data from AudienceOne® can be collaborated with ad serving solutions including MarketOne® and others to serve ads effectively to users.

Tag Management

AudienceOne®’s one-time addition of tags enables management of all tags from the dashboard.

Segment Overlapping

Analyse and report overlapping segments/ keyword groups/ categories of users, to effectively target users.

URL Mapping

Data structure can be aligned to site tree structure with easy to setup URL mapping.

Attribute Reports

Reporting on user attributes based on categories/ keyword groups/ segments, such as gender, age, home and work address, OS and browser.

Audience Extension

Extend audience targeting based on segment overlap on other sites.

LPO Tool Integration

Integrate data with external Landing Page Optimization (LPO) tools to effectively optimize the landing pages according to demographics, preference and other conditions.

and many more…

DialogOne® is one of Japan’s most widely distributed messaging management solutions. It is linked with LINE

DialogOne® delivers messages customized to the user at the optimal timing through the effective use of a wealth of data, not only data obtained through the LINE app, but also company-owned customer data.

DAC is certified in Japan as a partner in the communications category of the LINE Biz Partner Program. In addition, DAC has been awarded certification badges in five areas, the most for any one company.


Segmented message delivery based on user information

Using data obtained within LINE as well as customer data and segment information from outside sources, DialogOne® can deliver customized messages to users who are connected as friends on the LINE official account.

Inquiry handlng over LINE

In response to user comments, DialogOne® generates keyword responses and automated responses using chat bots and AI. This enables companies to provide users the most appropriate answers and information to meet their needs without human intervention. In addition, with a live chat function, companies can also offer customer support provided by operators.

Message delivery with optimal visuals

DialogOne® can deliver messages in Carousel, Image Map and a wide variety of other formats so that companies can send messages with visuals that are optimal to the content.

Customer information acquisition and data linkage

With DialogOne®, questionnaire data and tracking data of past deliveries can be utilized for message deliveries. In addition, it can link and utilize in-house customer data, store visit data and external data, such as that from DAC's AudienceOne®.

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