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Our specialized data & social communication management platforms provide the tools you need to optimize ad performance, increase traffic and stay on top of your digital marketing efforts.

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The Sherpa advertising platform is an industry leader in optimising social media advertising, offered as Fully-managed service for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising. Our mission is to deliver measurable results, leveraging each social platform’s native features and further enhancing it with our proprietary technologies. We strive to effectively manage social advertising on a large scale and are currently trusted by hundreds of clients, including some of the world’s largest brands.

Sherpa Features


  • Create and share your own audience libraries tailored to your brand’s objectives and Twitter targeting options.
  • Split campaigns based on the variables that most interest you and easily identify the best performing target audience combination to maximize your advertising ROI
  • Simultaneously compare campaigns, audience groups and targeting variables on the same graph on more than one single metric


  • Scale large campaigns optimized for all of Facebook ads objectives
  • Reduce CPIs by over 50% and double CTRs compared to traditional lookalike and custom audiences
  • Perform AB tests and advanced campaign analytics
  • Easily identify the best performing combination via heat-map reporting


  • Take advantage of link ads and mobile app install ads to achieve your direct response advertising objectives
  • Further strengthen your branding strategy with video ads
  • Serve campaigns simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook and take advantage of Sherpa analytics for detailed cross-channel campaign visualization and optimization

Search Optimisation

Our Proprietary Search Optimisation Tool provides enhanced capabilities that can generate more keywords and improve your keyword strategy. Key features include automatic and manual optimization of bidding prices to achieve better ROI with customizable auto reports for effortless and effective keyword analysis and planning.

Audience One

AudienceOne is a proprietary data management platform (DMP) from DAC Group which analyses audience intelligence and build specific audience segments for targeted marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to know more about AudienceOne, email us at connect@ or contact any of our offices nearest to you.

Key features of AudienceOne:

  • Visualization of demographic informationVisualize clustered audience data by age, sex, residence and work location. Targeting delivery based on audience data is also available.
  • User analysis based on keywordsVisualize flowing words into sites and visitors’ search activities in the other sites, as well as lifestyles and preferences of visitors.
  • Collaboration with ad serving solutionsCollaborating with ad serving solutions including MarketOne®, ad network impAct, i-Effect, DSP and others, it is possible to serve ads using the audience data created by AudienceOne.

Tag Management

One time installation of tag on site to manage all your tags from one dashboard.

Segment Overlapping

Reporting on top 50 overlapping segments, keyword groups and categories. Analysis supplemented using content and keywords of high relational value.

URL Mapping

Data structure can be aligned to site tree structure with easy to set up URL mapping.

Attribute Reports

Reporting on user attributes by category, keyword groups, and segments, such as sex, age, home and work address, device OS and browser.

Audience Extension

Extend audience targeting based on segment overlap on other sites.

LPO Tool Integration

Integrate data with external LPO tools to optimize LP according to demographics, preference and other conditions.

and many more…

“DialogOne,” provided by DAC, is a messaging service management solution compatible with LINE’s Business Connect that combines client data possessed by the advertisers and LINE’s account data to leverage the company’s official LINE account in a more sophisticated manner. The service delivers more suited messages for each individual user to materialize one-on-one communications.

Automatic Responding

Automatically analyzes message/user/scenario and sends the adequate answer back to user.

Message Tracking

Enable user action tracking when sending rich messages. ( number of taps, and conversion)

Owned Media Implementation

By identifying users who visited brand sites / online shopping sites via LINE, tailored messages and special offers can be delivered


Enable survey campaign. The answer data links with user’s mid, which helps to create user segments.

Segment Messaging

Utilizes user data inside DialogOne enabling clients to send messages depending on users’ interests.

Private DMP

mid stored in DialogOne can be associated with behavioral data and questionnaire results, and utilized for personalized message and Owned Media Implementation.

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